.The ScanLite scanner is an add-on delivery device for the VariLite KTP that allows rapid delivery of micro-spot exposures with controlled spacing over large treatment areas. The ScanLite allows the focal treatment spots to be spaced precisely to leave small, untreated zones between exposures. These zones act as thermal dissipation areas and eventually become healing centers for maximum safety and faster recovery.


The ScanLite is ideal for rapid full-face treatments to improve skin redness. Treatments produce a more uniform skin texture and tone.

Type of Device:

Potassium / Titanyl / Phosphate (KTP) Laser (532 nm)

Skin Types:

Fitzpatrick I-IV



Social Downtime:


Treatment Time:

30 Minutes

# of Treatments Required:

1 - 3 Treatments (by assessment)

Commonly Treated Conditions:


Diffused Redness